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that the lights in the superdome seemed brighter than they did at the regular season. so the 49ers had about an 18-minute walk through. hundreds of family and friends attended. the 49ers players signed autographs and posed for pictures with family members. through all of this, jim harbaugh says colin kaepernick has remained the same player, unwavered. in that sense he feels the 49ers as a whole have benefitted from tha that. >> so, there you heard from matt, good work, matt, getting the last glimpses of the 49ers before the big game tomorrow. coming up tomorrow in sports, we'll talk about the 2013 hall of fame. that class was announced. some from the bay area happy, others are not. we'll talk about that later in sports. terry and diane? >> it's not just the current 49ers in the spotlight this weekend. >> some of the team's legendary players gathered today to walk
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the red carpet nfl style. lawrence scott spoke with them about tomorrow's big game. he joins us now from new orleans. these guys know about the super bowl. >> oh, they certainly do. they have several rings. we talked to a ton of guys today. many of the current stars, some former stars, some niners stars of the past, we are outside louis armstrong park in new orleans at the honors show. here's some of who we talked to, some legends of the game and some current guys. what a night in new orleans. the theater bringing together a-list celebrities and football legends all with thoughts on what to look for tomorrow in the super bowl. >> i'm hoping for a no-holds barred. i want to see a physical football game. i want to see a game that is real competitive. i feel like the niners will win
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this 24-17. >> quarterback to quarterback what makes kaepernick such a differencemaker, so explosive? >> i think his legs. his ability to extend plays. his confidence. he's a cool, calm, collected guy. thrives under pressure. this is just another game. as the outside world tries to build it up as something that's larger than life, but it's still 11 on 11. he had two weeks to prepare, i know he will be ready to play. they'll be more worried about him than he is about their defense, because he does so many different things running and throwing the football. he just needs to settle in his emotions and anxiety. >> what colin brings to this game is the difference in the game. san francisco, sensational defense. baltimore, sensational defense. offensive lines, both understanding. running backs, both outstanding. but colin's ability to turn a potential negative play into a positive play, it's one-sided there. >> he's having a great year.
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playing well. running the ball well. he's got to have -- play within himself tomorrow. he'll be all right. >> not bad. we heard from jerry, joe, broadway joe, stanford guy, and a cal guy. all of them with a big-time super bowl pass. we'll have much more for you at 6:00 from the red carpet. they're pulling up the red carpet now, but we have more for you in a bit. back to you in the studio. >> thanks for throwing in cal. the super bowl is giving a nice boost to grocery stores around the area. one grocery store says sales are 30% to 40% higher than last year. some restaurants told us they're so busy they had to turn down catering orders, and some bars are opening as early as 8:00 tomorrow morning if people want to start celebrating very early. >> it will be live energy, off the hook.
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niners everywhere screaming, shouting, chanting. singing. it's going to be great. >> it is going to be great. san francisco mayor ed lee has been warning bars, though, to be careful how much alcohol they serve. he wants to avoid a repeat of the celebrations that turned violent after the giants world series win last year. no shortage of celebrating in the town. colin kaepernick, a huge turnout today for the turnoc believes ceremony. families enjoyed their own barbecues, or food from some local vendors who provide kaepernick cookies, cakes and hot dogs named after the quarterback. to top it off, the city's mayor proclaimed this weekend colin kaepernick and the 49ers weekend. stay with nbc bay area for complete super bowl coverage on air and online, including wall to wall coverage following the game. we have a team of reporters on the ground in new orleans,
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they'll have reactions from players, coaches and fans. new information tonight in the death of a girl in fairfield. police released the girl's age today. she was 13 years old. investigators said she had been living with a foster family. the girl's body was found naked in a park in fair field yesterday morning. she was last seen leaving school thursday and had been reported missing from her foster family that night. police determined a cause of death but at this point are not releasing that information or her identity. an oakland event turned deadly when an argument ended in gunfire. the shooting happened just before 11:00 near 20th and telegraph avenue. two groups of people who were downtown for the monthly art walk got into a confrontation in a parking lot. an 18-year-old oakland man was killed. two women were hit by stray bullets. police are urging dozens of people nearby at the time to
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come forward with information. so far they say they have not made any arrests in the case. in san jose, city leaders teamed up with law enforcement to try to prevent crime. the fifth annual crime and gang prevention center was held for employment training in downtown san jose. organizers say about 300 members of the community showed up and they credit the success to san jose's inclusive approach. >> we have been recognized nationwide for how engaged our community is. the task force has been recognized in san jose, we work with everyone, all the agencies, police, counties, district attorney's office, the schools. >> san jose has seen a spike in crime the past year or so. city leaders hope more community members take action by coming to events like this one to reverse that trend.
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a leftis military group has claimed responsibility for the bombing yesterday outside the u.s. embassy. >> reporter: we are learning more about how this attack took place and the attacker himself. is he a well-known militant belonging to a leftist group, a group that hates the turkish government, u.s. influence over turkey, hates that turkey is part of nato and a group that carried out attacks in the past against turkish interests and u.s. interests. this militant who is about 40 years old, spent about four years in a turkish prison. had gone on a hunger strike. he been arrested for taking part in militant activity but was released for medical reasons.
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he arrived yesterday around lunch time, wearing a suicide vest and carrying a hand grenade. he went inside the embassy's visitor's senator, detonated that vest, threw a hand grenade, killed himself and a guard. also in turkey, the body of a new york city tourist has been found in istanbul today. according to a turkish news agency, the body of sarai sierra was discovered sierra first arrived in istanbul on january 7th and visited europe before returning to turkey 12 days later. she was supposed to return to the u.s. january 22nd. coming up next at 5:00, football fans in new orleans are having a grand time, right? they say it's not just the game that makes this such a special event for that city. back in the bay area, the 49ers home field taken over by a bunch of mudders. that's just ahead.
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i'm kimberly tere live in san jose where the sharks are setting records. more on tonight's game and what the hockey players have to say about the super bowl. and a cooler start to the weekend so far. some clouds outside right now. temperatures mostly in the 50s. still near 60 degrees in livermore. fairfield 60. a look at the satellite and radar, to the south, some shower activity around the central coast. we'll let you know if that's headed into your sunday forecast when we come back.
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sports fever is gripping the bay area, the 49ers and the sharks undefeated. >> and it might get better after tonight's sharks game. kimberly tere has a look for us. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: it's a great time to be a sports fan in the bay area. the san jose sharks are off to a great start this season. their best start in franchise history. winning their first seven games. this is video of the team practicing earlier today. tonight the team could wrap up a perfect six-game home stand if they win against the national predators. we caught up with some of the sharks players who say they're excited about their season but are also happy for the niners who are playing in tomorrow's super bowl. they agree, this is a great time for sports in the bay area and hope to be a part of the magic. >> it's been great. i'm a huge giants fan, san francisco giants fan, huge
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baseball fan. to see them win. now to see the 49ers in the super bowl. i think they're going to win. it's extra motivation for us to make a splash here as well. >> sharks fans are also excited about the niners. some told us during the nearly four-month national league hockey lockout they needed a sports fix and turned to football. now they're rooting for the niners to win tomorrow's big game. first thing's first, they want the sharks to beat -- beat national tonight in tonight's game. that starts at 7:30 this evening. i can tell you sharks fans are already arriving for tonight's game. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >> exciting weekend for the bay area. still ahead, fans of the 49ers and ravens who traveled to new orleans for super bowl xlvii may be on opposite sides, but they agree on one thing. we'll show you what that is coming up.
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ravens and 49er fans were out in force today. >> the french quarter was full with people wearing ravens and 49ers gear. both sides are confident about their team's chances in the game on sunday. one thing that everyone agreed on is the hospitality of the city hosting the super bowl. this is the first time that the city has hosted the big game since hurricane katrina. >> the people are so darned nice down here.
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we love it. if we get a ravens victory, it will be the perfect vacation. >> coming out, buying all the paraphernalia. great being with friends. awesome party place. >> the tenth time the super bowl has been held in new orleans, tying miami the most for any one location. >> we will check in on the weather around here. do you have a super bowl forecast, too? >> yeah. >> thank you for that. >> folks will be watching that little important game tomorrow around this time. you know what? the reason why it's new orleans and miami this time of year is because the weather is usually gorgeous. tomorrow, sunny, near 70 degrees for the afternoon. right now, 62 degrees. no thunderstorms no showers there tonight. gorgeous night around new orleans. how about this view from san francisco. that looks like 49ers golden sunshine to me.
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a bit of a sea breeze which helped to bring the temperatures down a few degrees. yesterday we were in the mid to upper 60s. today, mid 60s outside. the sea breeze cooling us off. right now 54 in san jose. 52 in san francisco. the on-shore winds will transport in some areas of low clouds from the coast, combine that with the high clouds, temperatures were a bit cooler. tomorrow we'll be a bit warmer. air quality improving somewhat. it's a spare the air day today. tomorrow not so much. the sea breeze will pick up, help to stir up the smoke pollution and give us better air quality. on the coast, we may see nifty skies tonight as the low clouds approach. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. bigger changes in the seven-day forecast as we head towards the middle part of the week. showers to the south. this is mainly mid and high level clouds from the south. it helps to block the sun at times, but no rain out of this. this will move to the east tomorrow. behind it we will see winds coming in off the ocean. cool on the coast.
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mild temperatures inland. you'll wake up tomorrow morning, areas of low clouds, fog and inland valleys. going into the afternoon, mainly clear skies, temperatures to start the day in the 40s. by the time the day wraps up, we should see 60s for highs. tomorrow, 62 in san jose. 36 in pleasanton. 62 around livermore. towards san francisco, upper 50s to 60. the sea breeze will keep temperatures down around the peninsula and coast. north bay, highs in the 60s. tomorrow looks good more sunshine for your sunday. monday the warmest day of the next seven days. look at the big u turn in the forecast. heading towards wednesday and thursday, highs dipping back into the 50s. we could see some snow levels maybe as low as 3,000 feet. we do need rain an been a dryeln
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in. >> thanks, rob. let's get back to new orlea orleans. >> guys, we're a day away from the big game. we know frank gore has been a beast for the 49ers this postseason. but we'll identify one player who could be an x factor come super bowl sunday. that's next in sports.
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ahmed fareed live in new orleans. we all know the 49ers have a rich football tradition with lots of titles and many hall of famers. today we learned the fate of the 2013 class of the hall of fame.
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much to the niners fans dismay, there are no hall of famers from the 49ers. eddie debartolo was not named. former cowboy and offensive lineman larry allen was named to the team. >> all these guys have been so -- >> lamichael james didn't get on the field until four games left in the regular season. that was only after the team lost kendall hunter for the year with an ankle injury. james is averaging nearly seven yards a carry these playoffs. in the nfc championship games, he's proving he's only getting better. >> still a developing player but continuing to grow each an every week. he has a better understanding of the offense. he has a great feel for the game as far as running the football. a developing player as far as a pass blocker. >> i feel like i know everything
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about the offense now. i know the adjustments to the blocking assignments. running the spread offense. then with a quarterback like kaepernick kaepernick, it helps me out. >> he's fast, he's quick. there's a lot of things that they have to defend. >> the ravens will have to be careful on kick returns as well. in new orleans with the 49ers, mindy bach, nbc bay area. this week at the super bowl with members of the wounded warriors, raising money for former saints player steve gleason who is battling als. his former team linebacker scott fujita was there, along with bill romanowski who presented a trophy to the wounded warriors head coachment.
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>> when the nfl called and asked if we would help out the organization, it was a no-brainer. we get treated like royalty around the country. these guys deserve that type of treatment. >> to be a part of the journey with them, seeing the impact on their lives, changing the course of the conversation, it was a no doubt er doubter. >> we have more coming up at 6:00. and the hour-long special, 9:00 p.m. live from new orleans. that will do it for now. ahmed fareed from new orleans. >> obviously we had some technical problems there, but we got the story out. when we come back, thousands of women run through candlestick park today. >> and they have the mud to prove it.
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the 49ers are down in new orleans for the super bowl. someone else is getting down and dirty at candlestick. >> that's where today's dirty girl mud run, that's what it is called, kicked off today. >> you were there? >> i was not. >> the women put themselves through a grueling obstacle course. people say they love it because it's not competitive. it's a great way to build friendships and raise money for the national breast cancer fo d foundation. >> i'm working off the calories i'm going to eat for tomorrow. i'm on the candlestick field. i wish he were here with me, please, colin? >> we better make sure he gets that. >> it was the first stop of a 62-city dirty girl mud run across the united states. >> they looked like they were having fun. >> and getting dirty. what can we expect weather-wise tomorrow?
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>> it's comfortable to do that today. it was in the 60s, not that cold. tomorrow as folks get ready for the game, 9:00 f there's tailgating extra early in the morning, 30s and 40s. 50s and 60s for highs. warmest day of the week tomorrow and monday, changes middle part of the week, showers and cooler. >> all right. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. >> "nightly news" is next, then more super bowl coverage and bay area news at 6:00. good night. on this saturday night, gun politics. the president as we've never seen him. why the white house decided to release this photograph just two days before the president goes on the road to defend his gun control proposals. held hostage. the standoff in alabama and the effort to free a 5-year-old boy
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held by a gunman in an underground bunker. cyber cops. with attacks by computer hacke on the rise, the government puts out a help wanted call for thousands of cyber security experts. and taste of victory. someone will get it tomorrow at the super bowl. we look behind a time-honored ritual. where and when did they start with that splash? good evening. with president obama leading the uphill charge for stricter gun laws in this country, a photo of him firing a shotgun that emerged on an otherwise quiet saturday morning is raising more than a few eyebrows. the photo of the president engaged in some sport shooting was released by the white house to answer some of his critics on the pro gun side but others

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